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Simply Grill House advice healthy food  prepared only on wooden coals, including vegetables, different cultural food prepared on open fire, grill & barbecue specialities from all over the world.

Barbecue or grilled food use to collect people together by fire for ages.

So called Grill food lies in roots of humankind and making food on fire is almost as old as humankind itself.

Back before man was given opportunity to grill on grates or grid irons or even to use sharpened sticks for making shish kebabs, people cooked foods in the fire. Literally in the fire. Precisely, right in the coals. They laid root vegetables or meat directly on the embers and let the radiant heat of the coals do the cooking. When the food was ready, the ashes were brushed off. And so was Barbecue born.

Grill, asado, khorovats, mcvadi, carne asado, churasco, those are just few names of food made on wooden coals by different cultures, each of which has given its own traditional signature from generation to generation that came almost to perfection true the ages.

The charring imparts an incomparable smoke essence to the interior which have a depth and complexity that can’t be compared with any other way of cooking.

So our goal and what we wanted to represent in ‘’Simply grill house’’ food menu was to  gather in one place traditional food, made only on real wooden coals from different cultures of our beautiful world.

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