Simply Cinema & Karaoke bar


Simply Cinema & Karaoke bar is not usual cinema or karaoke bar, it’s unique place where no one will disturb your rest, which includes: Private cinema halls where you can enjoy beloved movies with FULL HD projector with high quality sound (DOLBY 5.1, 7.1, ATMOS), or just watch sport events and play PlayStation with friends.

Individual Karaoke halls where you can find almost every single song to sharpen your singing skills with high quality sound.

Private rooms are super suitable for making corporate parties, celebrating birthdays or private parties.

Great addition will be high quality cocktails, drinks, huge amount teas and tea cocktails collected all together to admire most specific tastes.

For our beloved guests that are looking for a bit more privacy, we have prepared a special program, which guarantees private entrance to the building (from secret entrance), and for maximum privacy in rooms, special remote control system to call waiter whenever wanted.

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